A Resource Guide To What We Do At VANTAGE CONSULTING, INC.

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We’ve been a leader in the sales and marketing industry for many years. During this time, we have come to be known as a people-centric organization with a reputation for success and diligence.

How have we done this, you ask? Well, as a well-reputed marketing firm, we focus on our people. We ensure they have a career based on support and have the mentorship they need to excel. We provide our people with excellent opportunities to work with reputed brands and networks.

This blog will discuss some of our most valuable resources that have contributed to our continued success.

You will often hear the phrase “Leaders are readers” in our industry. In our experience, having a wealth of knowledge and constantly educating yourself is crucial to success, which is why one of our favorite resources as leaders in our industry is Audible, the audiobook app. This tool helps to keep us well-versed and educated in a wide variety of topics. We highly recommend Audible for anyone in a leadership role.

Zoom Video Communications
Having been active in our industry well before COVID-19, we can genuinely say that this app has been a game changer. Zoom has opened up communications across our organization and has also been an excellent tool for recruiting.

DocScanner mobile app
Very few things are more annoying and tedious than scanning and sending files and documents. The DocScanner app makes our lives super simple, easy, and slightly less annoying.

Tableau Cloud
A very underrated resource that is used daily in our business is Tableau Cloud. In our business, data is everything. Tableau allows us to track performance and stay ahead with analytical reports that allow us to see what works and what doesn’t.

If you are considering a career in sales and marketing, VANTAGE CONSULTING, INC. is Maryland’s premier sales and marketing agency. When you join our team, you enter a comfortable, dynamic space where our team’s and clients’ well-being takes center stage. Our primary focus is providing a healthy work environment that motivates people to grow personally and professionally.

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