Things To Do/Know Before Starting or Choosing A Career Sales/Marketing/Consulting

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So, you decided you want to go into sales/marketing/consulting. The only problem is you don’t know squat about the industry. Things may look scary and confusing when you don’t have the right context or knowledge. Attempting to start a career in a field you have little to no experience in can be quite daunting. However, as experts in the field, we at Vantage Consulting, Inc will explain how a career in sales/marketing/consulting can be the best decision you can make.

Benefits of starting a career in sales/marketing/consulting

We could list quite a few examples as to why our industry is an excellent career choice. But if we had to choose the top reason, it would be the development of interpersonal skills. The skills necessary to perform in our industry will allow you to be better equipped to perform in just about any industry and, above all else, will give you skills that are in no danger of becoming automated in the future. Add that to the fact that our industry is listed amongst some of the highest-paying industries in the country without the education needed. Most companies in our industry do not focus on education because we provide extensive training from day one.

Aspects to keep in mind when starting a career in sales/marketing/ consulting:

Yes, there are courses someone could take and a few classes and certifications that would allow you to gain an advantage over other candidates who might also be taking an interest in our field. However, I do believe a hands-on approach is the best education possible. Nothing beats real-world experience in the field. Our industry thrives on developing the necessary skills needed to be successful. We’re able to maximize someone’s potential based on traits they bring into the business, as well as develop any skills they may be lacking. Success in our industry is more so related to someone’s habits rather than the skills they’ve acquired.


Pay potential at the Entry Level can vary from company to company. And a lot of our companies include or offer commission-based pay as well. Entry Level reps should expect anything between the range of 40 to 60K while starting out. Growth potential is potentially the key attraction for most candidates looking to succeed in our industry. Not only are the opportunities for growth substantial, but the amount of time required to move into Director/Management positions is also far less than what you’d see in most industries. You also have to consider the number of skills someone will acquire as they progress in their career is a huge benefit as well. There is also the opportunity to work in a team environment that many candidates find attractive when looking to find a position in this field.

The major drawback for anyone seeking a career in our industry is the amount of hard work and commitment it takes in order to achieve your goals here. The benefits are vast, which means that in order to take full advantage of the opportunity, one must work extremely hard, be very disciplined and invest a lot of time into the business. Training is the backbone of our industry. No one is required to be capable upon entry. We rely heavily on training modules and impacts geared to sharpen the necessary skills for someone to climb the ladder at an accelerated pace.

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